Weniger Anzüge, mehr Straße?

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In einem Interview mit AllHipHop hat Sha Money, der seit seiner Trennung von G-Unit selbstständig unterwegs ist, folgendes Statement abgegeben:
"Like I said, G-Unit is my home base of where I started and I learned a lot. 50, I respect a lot, he's one of the best artists I've ever worked with. I just wanted to branch out for myself and build my own business and show people who I am as a individual. My conference is my passion.  We only go to award shows, you feel me?  Award shows is for stiffs and bourgeois who just want to feel themselves. What are all of us doing to give back to Hip-Hop where we are all know that we're suffering.  What are we doing? Are we gonna keep going to suited up places?  What are we doing to make this exciting again for the new people in the suburban and urban areas that want to support Hip-Hop but are like "This s**t is wack."  We are not doing nothing for them."
Word. Der Rest des Gesprächs ist übrigens ebenfalls lesenswert.

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