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Laut einem Bericht von wird Bill Cosby (ja, DER Bill Cosby) ein Rapalbum veröffentlichen. Ansprechen will er Themen wie angemessene ErziehungTeenagerschwangerschaften und Drogen. Interessant sind auch die Reaktionen, die in den Kommentaren bei AllHipHop auftauchen. Ein paar Auszüge:

'"Cosby's album will not contain any profane language, nor will it offer any denigrating comments towards women."
Yeah, instead, it'll have denigrating comments towards teenagers, because apparently all of us, even the good ones, are the main problem in society.'

'I actually have this old album with Cosby and Quincy Jones.  Cosby been rapping since before rap started yo.  There is this one track called "Hicky Burr" he tore that shit down yo.  I think it was released in 1974 or something.'

'He should make a track with him Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill O' Reily called "The Haterz". Does he really think this will change something. He seems to have forgot how disconnected he is from the black youth. Maybe the right message but the wrong speaker....'

'we need to listen. cosby is the truth and has seen more struggle and realness than 80% of the people reading this post, real talk. listen to Cos and stop fronting like we all wasn't siked for the Cosby show. Wise people always seek wise counsel. Lets listen to Bill'

Wie man sieht, wird es also durchaus gemischt aufgenommen in den Staaten. Liege ich falsch, oder würde ähnliches in D ausschließlich zu gehate führen? Naja, abwarten und mal reinhören.

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